*Do not remove the text under this post. This is my first giveaway and I feel as though all of my wonderful followers deserve this. I’ve never done anything like this before. I apologize for the picture quality*

What you win:
- 1 baby marimo moss ball
- 1 medium leopard shirt(tag still on it)
- 1 flourite zuni bear
- 1 sand stuffed frog
- 1 mahogany obsidian zuni bear
- 1 arrowhead
- 1 small cactus/succulent
- 1 tiger eye peace sign pendant
- 1 tusk pendant
- 1 eagle stone animal figurine
- 1 fox animal totem
- $40 towards any animal/nature charity of your choice
- 1 wolf etched glass
- 1 purple metallic zebra print wallet
- 4 packs of shisha(4 play, cherry cola, incredible hulk, ace of spades)
- 2 packs of quick light hookah coals

-If I reach another 1,000 followers before this giveaway ends I will throw in some mystery prizes.

The Rules:
- Must be following me(if not you will be disqualified)
- Only reblogs count
- Must be at least 18 or have parents permission to give me your address.
- No give away blogs, that’s not fair.
- Can reblog as many times as you like until July 13th.

Goodluck everyone and happy reblogging.

Banner credit goes to radivs